2005 Subaru STI

This client came to us wanting to upgrade his audio system but had to be able to keep as much trunk as pace as possible.  We installed the Arc Audio 5 channel amp under the driver’s seat and custom molded an  enclosure for a Hertz Energy 12 inch sub in the side of the trunk. [...]

2010 Silverado

Another great little system we had the pleasure of building.   Audison Bit Ten D Hertz HDP5 Amplifier Audison Voce speakers Hertz Energy 10″ Sub. The Custom amp rack was mounted using existing hole and studs. no new holes were drilled int he vehicle. The sub enclosure is secured with bolts to the vehicle.

2009 Dodge Charger iPad install

This was a challenging install to get the Clients iPad to fit flush in the dash without  changing to much of the OEM look. Think we pulled it off nicely.  

Something a bit different.

Client came to us with a bit of a different request wanted us to make these projector headlight housings fit his Toyota truck.  We got the housings mounted and then re-molded the grille to fit them.  We also smoked the marker and tail lights  

2012 Toyota Tacoma

When this client first came to us he just wanted a audio upgrade that was a little better then the stock system,  it then progressively turned into a much higher end system.  Including an Audison Bit Ten, Audison SR4 and SR1D amplifiers, Audison Voce Components and Coax speakers and a Hertz Energy Sub with a [...]

1973 BMW 2002 Custom Audio

This was a fun little project. we took a Pure i-20 dock (designed for home use) converted it to work in the vehicle used its Optical Toslink output run into an Audison Bit Ten D  then ran digital from the Bit Ten to the AV  Bit in on the Voce 4 amp. We also had [...]

2005 Subaru Impreza

Customer brought us this vehicle wanting to fix it up a bit after being wrecked.  So we went to work with a body kit and complete repaint… they also brought us new front and rear lights.  (we had previously installed a complete audio system and security system.) a few before and after

Custom accents in 2010 Camaro

We replaced the factory cloth with red Carbon Fiber vinyl    

Custom Halos from IAS

Innovative Audio & Styling is developing custom headlight Halo rings that we will be offering for sale.  These are still in the testing phase but here are some pics of our first set of working prototypes.  

Speed Buggy (Manx Style buggy)

This was a complete shell off restoration, including new paint and powder coating, cleaned up some of the wiring, and installed a custom audio system using Kenwood Excelon Headunit, Image Dynamics speakers in custom enclsoures front and rear, Arc Audio KS mini 125.4 amp.  We also fabricated a new rear seat designed to help protect [...]

2010 Inferno Orange Camaro SS

This customer came to us via one of our car shows we hosted last year at the shop.  We installed Arc audio front Components, Arc Audio KS 900.6 amp, Image Dynamics IDQ 10″ sub in a custom fiberglass enclosure. We also painted the the custom hockey stripe (reversed from the outside of the car) on [...]

2010 Camaro “Project Bruiser”

This is the second Gen 5 Camaro we worked on that was featured at the 2010 SEMA show.  This vehicle has custom blue halos, Showstopper custom side mirrors,  custom paint by Danny Bally, Twin turbos by Motiva Performance, Audio system consisting of: Kenwood 9960 Double Din, Metra double din kit, Hybrid Audio Imagine front speakers, [...]

2003 Mitsubishi Galant

This is Ryan’s Wifes 2003 Galant, it has complete Air ride system and a full custom audio system featuring Kenwood Headunit, Arc Audio amplifiers, Hertz Energy series coax speakers and T3 Audio Subs.  Ryan build full fiberglass ported enclosures for the subs and a clean simple looking amp rack that also covers the air ride [...]

2011 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Conversion

This was a very nice install built to sound impeccable while on the long trips around the country.  We installed a Kenwood 9980 double din, Audison SR5 amp, Hertz Hi-Energy components and co-ax speakers and a Audison Bit Ten Processor.  we also installed a Compustar Security System with Drone Mobile.

2007 Dodge Ram

This was one the first vehicles we worked on when we opened our doors last year.  The vehicle had a previous system installed, as well as a badly done security system. (we actually had to build the baffles for the door speakers on the driver side so that it would fit around the wiring for [...]

2008 Outback

This was a cool little project custom molded enclosure and Image Dynamics 5 channel amp mounted in the spare tire well.

2010 C63

Customer brought us this to add a backup camera and video in motion,  ended up adding Escort stealth mount radar detector with cluster interface.

Bumpin’ for Breast Cancer

This was a very cool build we have the privilege of being involved in. The vehicle was built as a demo/competition vehicle to raise awareness of Breast Cancer and testing.   The Subs were even custom built with pink cones. We want to give a huge thanks to: T3 Audio, Cadence, Stinger, Hushmat, Kinetik, Compustar, [...]

2008 GMC Denali

This is a 2008 Denali we installed an iPad in the dash and relocated the Pioneer Double Din. We also rebuilt the door panels to house the Focal speakers he brought to us.

2007 Subaru Impreza (Full Sound Quality Competition System)

This was Bryan’s 2007 Impreza that was built as a Team Arc Audio vehicle and shop demo vehicle.  Features of the vehicle were, 17 wheels with one-off “Decepticon” center caps, Eibach drop springs, Injen intake, modified STI exhaust, STI rear wing, custom door panel styling, Compustar Security system with Drone Mobile Tracking, Kenwood DDX812 with [...]

1997 Mustang Cobra

This is a Cobra Mustang we did some work on, we were contacted by a shop doing to repairs to the engine and performance parts of the vehicle, they wanted us to troubleshoot some problems with the audio system.  After consulting with the customer about the concerns we found, he had us remove some of [...]

2010 Chevy Silverado

This was a very nice system built for a customer who had very specific tastes and new what he wanted out of his system. We used Hertz Hi-Energy Speakers in the front door and Pillars, Energy series Co-ax for rear fill and a Energy series 12″ sub powered by Zapco DC Reference amps in a [...]

2010 Camaro SS

This is a 2010 Camaro we built early last year, then revamped it for the SEMA show last year. since then we have added a few other parts here and there.  Lastly we installed a six point roll cage.

2002 Camaro 22

This is a 2002 Camaro SS we built in 2010, the design of this system was to keep the vehicle looking as stock as possible.  We us Arc Audio KS mini amplifiers, Audison Bitone for the integration from the stock radio and Hybrid Audio Technologies Components, Co-ax and 6.5 inch subwoofers. (this vehicle was actually [...]