Car Audio

Car Audio the right way!

Innovative Audio & Styling has a reputation for some of the best sounding vehicles.   Our loyal and dedicated customers know we only carry and install the best brands in the industry.  The reputation and position we have built within the Car Audio Industry has provided us the unique ability to carry brand we choose, not just what we can get ahold of.   Through the relationships and respect that IAS has with some of our vendors we have been given exclusivity in represeenting the line in the Albuquerque area.


Newer vehicles are coming with higher quality audio system then in years past, but we also know there is not a vehicle out there we could not improve.  Innovative Audio & Styling specialized in integrating you factory in-dash system with aftermarket systems to help keep that Stock look to your vehicle, with high quality small foot print products that maintain most (if not ALL) of your leg and or storage/cargo area.







    Of course if you want to build a audio system that will give you the absolute best musical experience possible in your car, well we can do this as well.  We have more than 30 combined years of Sound Quality Competition and  Judging.  We also have one of the few Certified IASCA and MECA Judge Trainers.  Combine this with all the proper tools and programs needed to tune your system to its best.  No one in town can build a better sounding system.