Vehicle Security (Car Alarms)

 Factory vs. Aftermarket Security Systems

OEM security systems are little more than anti-theft systems that are meant to prevent thieves from hot wiring your vehicle and driving it away (in some cases they will include a remote keyless entry.).  They will do little to protect from vehicle damage or the contents within.

Aftermarket security systems are designed to protect your vehicle as well as it’s contents and quality aftermarket systems when installed properly are your best deterrent against thieves and vehicle vandalism and Innovative Audio & Styling will install it right the first time.



A properly installed security system will protect the security system as much as it protects the vehicle, at IAS, we not only take the steps needed to hide the “Brain” to your system, but we also solder all connections and tape and loom all wiring to blend it in with the stock wiring.   A secure security system is what Innovative Audio & Styling strives to provide each customer.


Here at Innovative Audio & Styling, we only sell and install Compustar and Compustar Pro Systems and we are the ONLY authorized Compustar retailer in the Albuquerque area.




Be sure to ask us about all of the protection and convenience features we can install.  From Keyless Entry, trunk release and Remote car starters to 3 way sensors and 2 way communication with your smartphone (including GPS tracking).